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Finding the Best Wedding Vendors

We here at Smith & Associates Events believe there are several things you must do to ensure that you have the best wedding vendors for your wedding.

1. Investing time into doing research on prospective vendors at the beginning of your wedding plan is crucial. If you have hired a Wedding Planner to assist with you planning your wedding they can help you with the research.

2. Do a quick Google of any potential vendors to check if they’re legit, and if any major complaints are flagged up – where possible look for personal recommendations and read trusted reviews.

3. Social media is a great resource for finding how active a vendor is, seeing their tone in conversing with potential clients, and photos of their work. You might also find reviews, compliments or complaints there too (and see how they were dealt with!).

4. We also believe that you should utilize your network of family and friends. Many of your friends and or family members may have gotten married or used a vendor before. Another great resource is your venue where your wedding is going to take place. The venue has a preferred vendor list that they trust and have put their stamp of approval on.

Bonus tip: There’s nothing wrong with a vendor making an error, they’re only human, but it’s how they respond to it that’s important!

We have several years of experience and have several vendors that we can recommend for your wedding.